Standing Desk Gaming Setup


Standing Desk Gaming Setup

These days a whole lot more of us are working from home, and find ourselves setting up our very own home office. Among the most essential things to consider is your desk. Sitting for extended periods of time while working can be negative for you. You May want to consider a standing desk. Standing Desk Gaming Setup

When establishing a home office, not |everybody} can afford top-of-the-line products. Electric standing desks, in particular, aren’t exactly cheap.

Only about half of our review team had ever tried a standing desk before. They are a little intimidating since none of us want to experience a slowdown in work performance. The concept of how you position your upper body and if you can lean on anything often conflicts with comfort and standing for hours at a time.

However, once we were able to give these well-crafted standing desks by FlexiSpot a shot, we had a different experience. All of our team members enjoyed the benefits of a standing desk.


FlexiSpot Overview


There are many reasons that you might want to use a FlexiSpot standing desk. For instance, if you have common back problems, the FlexiSpot standing desk can be a superb option as it enables you to adjust different heights of your work surface.

Other people choose this type of adjustable workstation because they find sitting at their desks for extended periods of time problematic, and they prefer an energetic lifestyle.

FlexiSpot began in 21016 by supplying standing desks to companies like IBM, Google, and Starbucks. They have international offices and engineers collaborating with different cultures to capture the optimal work conditions for those that use desks most of their day.

The FlexiSpot standing desk has several other benefits also. It’s simple to assemble, move around, and store. It offers lots of space for organizing all your things, and it’s really inexpensive compared to other similar products on the market today.

Double the Storage Space

FlexiSpot standing desk drawers are an excellent way to store office supplies and laptops on a standing desk. This can be especially handy if you’re using your laptop as a second monitor, as it allows you to keep all of the computer cables out of sight. Standing Desk Gaming Setup

Instead of a single extra-large drawer running the length of the standing desk, FlexiSpot has two drawers a little over 3″ in height and about 12″ in depth. Because of this, there was sufficient room to store anything we could want, including other mobile devices and laptops.


Is the Standing Desk Stable?


Yes! When we first opened the FlexiSpot standing desk from the packaging, we were worried it would not be solid enough for our review work. To our delight, these standing desks offer exceptional stability and have varying weight restrictions that are sufficient to handle what you might place on top. While weight limit is a concern, none of our testers had any kind of issues with weight throughout our testing.


Easy to Assemble


Our review team always pays close attention to assembly due to the fact that we get so many products in the mail. The entire FlexiSpot standing desk comes in a single box that is simple to unwrap. All you need to do is attach the legs to the desk frame with some bolts, and you are pretty much good to go. Pay very close attention to the foot installation, so you make certain you get an equal quality height for a level workspace.

In total, it only took us about 25 minutes to assemble the FlexiSpot standing desk.


Height Controls

The majority of the FlexiSpot standing desk products come with a sit-to-stand feature. With just a touch of a button, you can make the desk raise or lower to the specific height you wish. If you are curious, the best height for a FlexiSpot standing desk is so your arms are at a 90-degree angle to the desktop.

Different FlexiSpot standing desks have varying load capabilities and adjustable height ranges. As an example, the bamboo version can hold up to 275 pounds and adjusts in from 23.6″ to maximum height of 49.2″.


Cable Management Options


FlexiSpot does an excellent job of including cable management features on their standing desks. There is a built-in groove to hide most of your power cables, and you have the option of purchasing a power supply socket-outlet add-on that includes USB connections. We highly suggest this add-on due to the fact that it will make your work productivity so much less complicated to have everything right there that moves in height with the desk rather than independently.


What Do Customers Think?


FlexiSpot standing desks enjoy 4.6 out of 5-star reviews on TrustPilot, with 85% of consumers providing an exceptional ranking. Additionally, the company is well known for its customer service. Most reviews written by verified clients show that FlexiSpot delivers on its pledge of top quality and easy-to-use standing desks.

For example, if a customer is not pleased with the quality of the product, FlexiSpot is quick to initiate a replacement through the warranty program.


Are the FlexiSpot Standing Desks Worth It?


Purchasing one of the higher quality FlexiSpot standing desk options is going to be on the higher end of the cost spectrum. Nevertheless, you can find an exceptional work area solution for well under $500 that provides you with extra energy and increased productivity.

We discovered our moods were elevated as we experimented with the FlexiSpot standing desks throughout our review. It made everybody a little bit happier around the review office. Not that we were all depressed, to begin with, but having that added smile on your face goes a long way to making the day easier.

We certainly recommend you invest in the additional USB ports whenever offered on the model you choose. As for the castors, we love them, however they may not be the best for those on carpet or fixed desk positions.

Our team was very curious about the stationary bike options that FlexiSpot offered along with the numerous standing desk converters. Standing desk converters allow you too convert a desk or table into a standing desk. These are a very good option to save money if you already have a desk. We did not test these products, however want to make you aware they are offered. Use the links above to check them out.


Wrapping It Up


We understand the idea of moving from a sitting position to a standing one may seem daunting for those in office jobs, but trust us, it is not as hard as you might believe. We were all used to the standing position about midway through the first day.

As a side note, it also made lunch more enjoyable because you get to stand for a while afterward for better digestion. We need to also mention that every one of us happily took sitting breaks in our office chair throughout our days as well. At first many testers couldn’t stand for a long period of time, but as the week went on, their tolerance grew using the adjustable standing desk.

The FlexiSpot electronic height adjustment made it very easy to split up our day to whatever our work preference. If you are in the market for a standing desk, you can not go wrong with a fantastic product like the FlexiSpot desk! Standing Desk Gaming Setup

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